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If you are a Student at Uni or College at the moment, then this is about the only time in your life you will be freely able to express yourself before you have to conform for the rest of your life :

By the clothes you want to wear and what type of fashion

By the way your hair looks

All making a statement of who you are at this moment in your life.

If you wish to make a hair statement then why not call in to "The Coach House Hair Salon"
2c, Clark road.

We are a Award Winning Salon and have challenged all over the world at the highest level.

If we can't give you a style that you want no one else in Wolverhampton can

To top it all we give discounts to students from the colleges and university

Check us out - you'll have nothing to lose!
British Hairdressing Championships in cardiff
Lady Gaga wins fans with her hair styles & colours
We "the Coachouse Hair Salon win Awards with our  hair styles & colours
Steve winning at Cardiff image
Cardiff image
lady gaga image
Lady gaga image
cardiff image